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You can benefit from our services that will enable you to get a 5 star rating and reviews for your store, place, shop, clinic or hotel on Google Maps

High ratings and good reviews on Google Maps play a big role in attracting customers and tourists to your shop, your business, or any place on the Google map.


Why is Google Maps so important to your business ?

  1. More than a billion people use Google Maps.
  2. A third of searches on mobile devices depend on the user’s location.
  3. Local searches are generally growing 50% faster than overall mobile searches.
  4. As of 2013, 70% of searchers used the click-to-call functionality directly from search engine results pages (SERPs).
  5. Searchs that include “best place to buy” using the applicable product or service keyword increased 70% between 2015 and 2018.
  6. Searches for “near me” have gone up 500% in recent years. Include searches such as “car dealerships near me” and “wedding dresses near me.”
  7. In July 2014, Google released an algorithm update to favor local businesses and brands for neighborhood-focused mobile queries.
  8. Google searches (on and maps) direct consumers to 1.5 billion destinations each year.
  9. 84% of consumers conduct local searches.
  10. Three out of four people who search for something nearby using their smartphone visit a store within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Why you should care about ratings and reviews on Google Maps

Many of us have activity on Google Maps and get unsatisfactory and unfair evaluations, especially since most of the reviews come from complainants, which may make your activity vulnerable to negative attack always, and since most people use Google Maps, anyone who saw these negative evaluations and reviews then decides Not visiting you, and therefore sales and visits to your activity decrease, and according to our experience and the experiences of others, the more your site’s rating drops below 3.8 out of 5, the less your sales will be and the number of bad reviews that will permanently destroy your activity, so we provide you with our service to increase your activity’s visits and increase For your sales to provide positive reviews and raise the evaluation of your site to the highest possible degree and focus its impact:

Increase visits to your location on the Google map

Increase your sales by more than 25%

Increasing the reputation of your activity to the positive

what do we do

Maps 5 Star increases the number of positive reviews and ratings to 5 stars with each review on the Google Maps platform

Positive reviews

Get real and positive reviews on Google Maps for your site

Real Accounts

You can control all added reviews, and this is what distinguishes our work

Confidentiality of the information

All your transactions with us are strictly confidential

Rating 5 stars

Boost and raise the number of your stars to your place on Google Maps to the highest degree with us

Execution speed

We are working quickly in implementation by raising the ratings to the highest level

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