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  • After you place the order, you will get your first review within 24 hours.
  • You can select the language for reviews.
  • You can provide your own text / content.
  • GEO target and different hardware for each review.
  • Real appearance accounts and various accounts.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information.

Package : 150 review

The degree of revisions : 5 Stars


1- Enter the list of services here : ( Our services ) , And select the desired service .

2- Pay the required service via PayPal .

3- After paying the service, a page to fill in the data will open with you .

4- In the event that you require your review control, we will send you an email to complete the request .

5- If you request a review in a different language, we will send you an email to complete the request .

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A Google Map reviews service that allows you to review and control the reviews so that you get an evaluation and positive reviews for you to increase sales and visits to your site. And high-quality reviews. We care about the smallest details in the reviews and in our work to reach the highest degree of positive evaluations .

The importance of Google Map reviews :

It is no secret that Google is the largest platform in the world of online commerce. Moreover, 95% of Internet users use Google to identify the important things, all commercial companies have used Google as a platform to promote their products in addition to spreading the brand name. Promoting on this website can greatly benefit you in increasing your client and business success. Additional online reviews on your Google Maps page supporting Target Achievement.

1- All your dealings with us through the site are strictly confidential.
2- The information sent to us such as the name of the site or a picture of the map or the link on the map is confidential information that will not be disclosed at all.
3- All reviews and all reviews are fixed and will not be permanently deleted.
4- All reviews you will get are 5 stars, and all reviews will be positive and from real accounts.
5- We pledge that if you do not get the reviews and evaluations within 5 days of payment, you will immediately recover the amount of the service.

– Is the reviews and ratings service real?
Yes, the service is 100% real.

– Do you provide feedback on all google platforms?

No, only on Google Map.

– What are the types of accounts that evaluate and reviews?

real accounts.

– What is the payment method on the site?

PayPal PayPal.

– If I paid the service amount and did not open the registration page for my data, or if I wrote wrong data?

Contact us via email 

– If you require review control or a different language?

In both cases, an e-mail will be sent to the same e-mail to complete the request.

– Is it possible to delete reviews from Google?

No, reviews from Google will not be deleted permanently.

– Is it possible for my Google Map account to be affected by reviews or ratings?

No . Your account will not be affected at all.

– How can I benefit from the service? reviews and ratings?

Go to Our Services Select the required service Pay the service, after paying the service Complete the filling data and we will do the service directly.

– How can I raise the number of ratings and reviews to a high level?

You have to double the number of reviews and ratings, if your account has 99 reviews and the number of ratings is 2.6, then choose the 150 reviews service to raise the rating level to more than 4.3 on your Google Map account.

– How many days will I get the full service?

Indicated in each service the number of days to get all reviews and ratings.


If you do not find an answer to your question, you can email us at